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Krishi Vikas Udyog is a digital platform that serves as a comprehensive marketplace for agricultural equipment, inputs, and outputs in India. It connects farmers, dealers, and traders through its mobile application and website.

Krishi Vikas Udyog distinguishes itself by offering a unique platform that facilitates transactions for both agricultural equipment and inputs simultaneously. Additionally, it provides renting facilities, particularly beneficial for small-scale farmers. The platform also offers features such as banner ads and product boosts to enhance visibility and competitiveness for users.

Krishi Vikas Udyog has introduced the unique product boost feature in the application for the betterment of the agri stakeholders. Using the feature, the sellers can extend their marketplace beyond a small locality to a nationwide ground. The product boost feature enhances the specific product's chances of being sold. Among all other products, the boosted product's visibility is improved as it comes above all the listed products. That means it reaches more viewers and potential customers. That is how the product boost helps in selling products fast.

Using the product boost is a simple task in the application. Open the application on your phone, and click the `New` button from the homepage. Select the `Product Boost` option from the box. From any of the previously listed products, select the `Product Boost` option and choose any plan from Basic, Intermediate and Premium. Check the terms and conditions carefully, and finish payment through card, UPI, Netbanking or E-Wallet. And that's it. Your product will be boosted successfully and will be visible to more and more potential customers.

A banner ad is particularly helpful when you have a variety of products and you want to make each one visible. Through banner ads, you can promote your products and enterprise as well. In case you get a banner ad subscription, your banner will be visible beside famous brands like Mahindra. You will be able to compete with the tycoons of the industry and grow your business in no time.

The process of banner ads is more or less the same as the product boost. After opening the application on your phone, go to the 'New' option on the homepage. Then tap on it and from the box, select 'Banner ads'. You may choose any plan among Basic, Intermediate and Premium and tap on 'SELECT PLAN'.
Provide a campaign name for your banner and upload a photo of your choice. After that, you have to choose one of the 8 categories. You can also select the 'All' option. Select the state where you want to promote your banner and tap on the submit option. After checking all the terms and conditions, check the tickbox written 'I accept the condition'. You will now be redirected to payment. You can make payments through UPI, Net Banking, Card or e-wallet. Click on the 'PAY NOW' button and complete the payment.
And that's it. Your banner will be visible in the application.

Value-added services are some features of the Krishi Vikas application that can enhance the experience of the user and can help the stakeholder in different ways. In the application, there is a weather report forecast system and a crop calendar. The former helps in guiding crucial decisions in crop management and livestock care. Predictions on rainfall, temperature and storms aid in planning planting, irrigation and harvesting strategies. The latter on the other hand aids in efficient resource management, minimizes risks, enables crop rotation, aligns with market demands and promotes sustainable practices.

It is essential to mark your products as 'sold' soon after the deal to avoid any sort of miscommunication with the buyers. To do so, open the application on your phone. After that go to your profile from the homepage and then tap on the 'My posts' option. You will be able to see all the listed products there. From the list tap on the product you want to mark as sold. from the top right corner, click on the edit button and select the 'Mark as Sold' option. That's where your work is done. Your product will be marked as sold successfully.
Please keep in mind that the products rejected by our end can not be marked as sold.

Krishi Vikas Udyog takes care of your problems responsibly. At any point, if you face any issue, our customer support team is ready to solve your problems. Just open the application on your phone. On the homepage, you will see three dots in the top right corner. Click on the three dots. From the drop-down box, click on the call button and make a call. This way you will be able to connect with the customer support of Krishi Vikas Udyog.
To offer a hassle-free experience we have put the customer support phone no. and email address here. Customer support contact no.:8100975657 Customer support Emal:[email protected]