Imagine if we could all include “I woke up like this” as our captions for our #nomakeup unfiltered selfies. I guess the world would be a happier place. But too bad, not everyone is blessed with clear glowing skin. I have had many people asking about my clear skin routine and to be honest, I have the same reply- I do not have a clear skin routine, I only have a bad skin prevention routine from time to time. I too have days when I would break out but most of these breakouts are prevented by the precautions I take. My skin type is mostly dry but occasionally with weather changes my skin type is of type combination.  When it comes to acne prevention, I love hoarding on anti-acne products, be it masks, creams, serums, etc. Recently I got a chance to try out new launches from a well-known organic brand Deyga. I have made a previous post on their products (Click HERE to check it out). This time I tried the Spirulina and Matcha Face Pack and the Tea Tree toner. Read on to know my experience using these products.

Deyga Matcha Face Pack & Deyga Tea Tree Toner

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