hey everyone I am so excited to share this post with you guys, A while ago Revlon launched their range of Ultra HD Lipsticks in India at a whopping price of Rs 1100 each. πŸ™ . I managed to get two shades from this range and I have swatched the remaining shades at the store.So Lets take a look at the shades available in India as of now.

Ps:- Crappy Swatches Just For You πŸ˜›


My Opinion :-Β 

Firstly I find the packaging of these lipsticks very flimsy and cheap looking. I mean common I am spending Rs 1100 for each , don’t I deserve something that will make my vanity look good ? Lakme sells similar looking enrich lipsticks for a price of Β Rs 260 something :O Anyways getting to the lipsticks(I currently own 2 from this range) as soon i opened one of them, I damaged it πŸ™


The lipstick touched the sides of the packaging and that really hurts πŸ™ I mean I spent 1100 bucks !! So after taking a burn I came to my senses and realised this is one hell of a strong smelling lipstick . It got me in my nose and I didn’t like the feeling that much , thanks to my sensitive nose πŸ™ At this point I also realized that the bullet is abnormally big in size for my small lips (PS:- If you have small lips like me then you will hate the shape of the bullet as well ).I tried it on and the first swipe felt creamy smooth and pigmented enough like any ordinary lipstick. I do not get the hype by Revlon branding a lipstick as HD when this is just a normal lipstick minus the shimmery particles. And yes the quantity is really less too.


The shade Rose is a bit dull looking whereas the shade Poinsettia is a very pretty bright shade. Coming to its staying power, it is long lasting as long long you don’t have very heavy meals(Say about 4-5 hours with meals) Now that’s a plus point. Overall its an Ok-Ok lipstick but for the price I don’t really suggest unless you get discounts Or instead Just get yourself a MAC lippie for the same price and a better deal πŸ™‚

Quick Overview

    1. From the leaders in lip comes this game-changing new lipstick formulated with Revlon’s wax-free high-definition gel technology. The secret is in the clear gel base which provides true color clarity, weightless feel in one smooth coat & even application than traditional wax-based lipsticks.
    2. Break free of dull, muted shades and lace your lips in high-definition colour with this New High Definition Lipcolor. Just one coat of the deliciously scented, silky, moisturising formula and lips are instantly enriched in weightless colour.

Special Features

    1. Wax-free high-definition gel technology delivers true color clarity without the heavy feel
    2. Clear gel base allows for a smoother, more even application vs a conventional lipstick
    3. Weightless feel
    4. Full color coverage in one coat
    5. Irresistible scent of whipped vanilla and cream mango

MINI REVLON HAUL(please ignore my hair strands πŸ™ )Β 


So after the Revlon HD Disaster, I want to share with you some other better products I did love.

  1. Revlon Top Coat Matte Nail Polish(Rs 190)
  2. Revlon Scented Nail Enamel in China Flower (Rs 389)
  3. Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks In 830(Rose) & 840(Poinsettia)(Rs 1100 each)
  4. Revlon Moisture Lip Stains in Rio Rush & India Intrigue( Rs 745 each)

2 thoughts on “All Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick Swatches / Quick Review/Mini Revlon Haul”

    1. So true Lainey 😊 I’m glad I didn’t get another one as I was really tempted at the store, instead I purchased their stains which are way better πŸ™‚

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