Skin type: dry and sensitive

I will be doing another Biotique product review. I bought the Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening & Brightening Cream because I have a lot of dark patches on my back. Investing in Ayurveda products is so much better when it comes to targeted skin problems. Read on to know more……

Price: – Rs 199 for 75 grams

Where to Buy:-  Click HERE to buy.

Shelf Life:- 3 years

Product Description/Ingredients:

My Experience:


There is nothing fancy about the packaging. Its a simple tub packaging with a lid to avoid spillage.


The cream has a mild fragrance and since it has coconut as one of the ingredients, its fragrance is also coconutty :p

Texture, Quality, and Benefits:

The texture of the cream is very thick and it glides on easily. The cream gets absorbed quickly within seconds of application. Since I am a dry skin beauty, I feel that it moisturizes my skin perfectly without leaving any greasiness. Coming to its effect, it does not whiten my skin as per claims but it does brighten it. It also adds a soft glowy effect to the skin. I prefer to use this cream for my elbows, knees and it works well in terms of brightening up the area.


I am impressed with this product for the price, I will definitely be trying it out again.


  • Helps in brightening skin
  • No harmful products
  • Has benefits of coconut
  • The fragrance is mild and soothing
  • Moisturizes skin intensely


  • Tub packaging
  • Makes skin greasy
  • No whitening effect
  • Not suitable for oily skin

My Rating: 3.5/5

Will, I Repurchase/Recommend?

Yes, I recommend this to people who are seeking a corrective approach to skin darkening rather than spending money on more expensive treatments. Also, I will be repurchasing this as soon I am done with this tub.

Disclaimer: – This is not a sponsored post. All products are purchased with my own money. 

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