To everyone curious about my weight loss…'s the REVEAL !!!

Alright so frankly speaking I am not on any kind of diet, neither do I hit the gym. Many people have been questioning me about my drastic weight loss so I decided to satisfy everyone’s curiosity with this blog post. And lastly, I am not going through any sickness/ailments(touch-wood) that have caused my weight loss.

Lionel Messi-Namaste India / What Keeps Me Inspired -My Story / Amazon Giveaway

The other day I was listening to FM Radio when I heard an ad that Lionel MessiΒ has endorsed an Indian brand called Tata Motors. I suddenly remembered my school days where I would go every early morning for football practice with some more classmates and all of us were and still are crazy football fans.…

Blogging Career In For a Toss :( Goodbye blogging ??

Okay so I just realized I am not sticking to my blogging/vlogging routine like I did some months ago. I have no idea why my day-dreaming is much more interesting now-a-days. Am I just too bored of these vacations(I have been on vacations(Stay at home one) Β for 5+months (so you get it right ? )… – Budget Hotel Bookings & Stays In India

Hey Everyone, Today I will be diverting from my usual beauty blogging and talk about a recent find in the world of technology that makes booking hotels and temporary stays easy and convenient for people on a budget as well as for people who would love to splurge. Read on to know more. What is…