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So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I am so so so so excited!!!!! Can’t wait for the lovey-dovey day to arrive and celebrate it with my loved ones. I am thinking of a lovely family outing along with some dinner with my parents, what’s your plan? This day also makes it a wonderful day to exchange gifts and show your loved ones just how much you love them. If you are unsure of what you could gift your loved ones this Valentine’s Day in India I have some amazing suggestions below and one of them is all about a website (BonOrganik) I came across this brand recently that will help reduce wasting your time finding the perfect gift. Now not every Valentine’s Day is meant for couples in love. It could be with your family members, friends, neighbors etc. (This is exactly what all singles like me in this world would say: P). Read on to know more…

If you find these tees cute, keep reading 🙂

I came across the brand called BonOrganik. At first, I was surprised to see an Indian brand selling such a wide variety of coordinating clothing like couple clothing, family clothing, bride squad clothing etc. So if you are the majority few who like wearing quirky and fun clothing with your loved ones then keep reading.
What is BonOrganik?
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BonOrganik is a global apparel company that embodies its essence from the bonds that we share. In the Era where relations are losing its significance and have become isolated, they are on a mission to bring the love back by wearing similar clothing together J Till date the clothing items from their website has been bought by over 1 million people and counting. The founders strongly believe that no style statement can be more significant than telling the world whom you love and expressing it out loud.
Website Link:https://www.bonorganik.in
My Experience with BonOrganik and what you can expect.

While browsing through the website I noticed the vast variety of products they have under numerous categories. The impression of the website leaves you a bit startled by the fact that almost every relationship you share with any of loved ones is part of all the categories and subcategories on BonOrganik. You can find clothing under categories “Just Like Dad”, “Just like Mom”, “Just Like Us(for family)”,”Him and Her”, “Super siblings” and “My Baby”.  BonOrganik specializes not only in Tees and boxers, they also have pajamas, Blazers, footwear, jumpsuits, cushions…(phew !the list can go on and on).You name it and you will find your product on BonOrganik completely customized for every occasion. They literally have stuff for everyone and for whatever bond you need the clothes to celebrate.So many choices at really affordable prices.They offer pretty fast shipping so last minute thoughts won’t hurt. The best part of shopping at BonOrganik is the fact that you need not hunt separately for the same design product. Rather it is available on the same page itself. Isn’t that cool?


Stuff I picked up
I picked up a pair of couple tees and a pair of couple boxers.The tees have such a comfortable fit. But for the ladies, I would suggest you pick up a size bigger since I did face a little size issue. The boxers I picked too have a really comfortable fit and are of thick cotton quality.
1) King Queen Couple Tees (INR 1199 for a pair)


2) Camouflage Couple Boxers(INR 819 for a pair)

Camouflage Boxers for Her

PS: The so-called male model I did this campaign with was too shy to click a pic with the boxers, however, you can see it properly from the screenshot below or you can click here.

Couple Boxers

Reasons to shop at BonOrganik

  • You want thoughtful gifts this Valentine’s Day.
  • You love coordinating clothing  with loved ones
  • Matching tees and boxers give you relationship goals :p
  • You are proud of the relationship you hold with your loved ones 🙂
  • You want comfort while showing affection to loved ones

Reasons to not shop at BonOrganik

  • You find matching clothing a show off !!
  • The very idea of matching outfits gives you PDA vibes 😛
  • You cant show affection to loved ones
  • You want nobody else to wear the same outfit as your’s like EVERRRRRRR.

Other possible gifts for your Valentine could be…

  1. Cover the room with love-note filled balloons for your significant other to pop.
  2. Bundle up with blankets and warm drinks, and go for a walk to watch the sunset.
  3. Cover your significant other’s mirror with Post-it notes listing all the things you love about him/her.
  4. Build a cozy blanket fort for an all-day movie marathon.
  5. Surprise your loved ones with breakfast in bed.
  6. Make a “Valen-timeline” of your relationship highlighting all your favorite past moments together.
  7. Make a collage of mementos from your relationship-defining moments.
  8. Give the gift of handmade love coupons.

So guys, make sure to show your loved ones the affection that’s needed. After all, life is too short to not share the love and be loved back. Wish you an all a very Happy Valentines Day in advance 🙂 Also I would like to sincerely thank Mohit Dhuppad for being a part of this campaign with me. Lastly thank you, Zeeshan Shaikh, for clicking such amazing pics for us 🙂
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PS: – Products depicted were sent to me for review purpose.

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