hey guys, sorry for not posting since a long time. I know I have been MIA and I so wanted to blog but every time something or the other came up 🙁 . I am basically busy trying to find the meaning of life 😛 😛 Haha 😛 Also thanks to the online sales I did a lot of shopping and now I am so broke, can’t even afford a mobile recharge.  Anyways I don’t want to drag this topic on things that are made up in my mind every time I begin to type here :p. Lets move on to todays review on the “Chambor White Brightening Gel Mask”. Read on to know more…..


Price: Rs 645 for 50 gms

Product Claims: Saturates skin with optimal whitening solutions and moisture. Experience its refreshing feel and gentle fragrance for a relaxing effect and get an instantly glowing and refined luminous complexion. This Gel Mask is also ideal for removing the dryness of the skin. If you use this Gel Mask regularly, the skin transforms itself from dullness and becomes healthy and radiant.


How to Use: Use twice a week after cleansing. Take the recommended amount (approximately 5 g) and spread smoothly over entire face, avoiding areas around eyes and mouth. Leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse with cool or lukewarm water.


Packaging: It comes in a tube and it’s packaging is very similar to most other products in the Chambor White range. Sleek flat tube with a flip open cap and fits any size of a purse while travelling.

My Experience:- Recently I have been really strict with my skincare routine & yes I have done some major product changes because I felt some were not upto the mark of satisfying my dry flaky skin. The Chambor White Brightening Gel Mask is one few product changes made. So the one thing that attracted me about this mask is the the brightening claim. Personally I hate products that are whitening and stuffs because in the long run they are harmful for the skin. Chambor White Gel has ingredients which protect the skin from various skin related ailments and also provide the sebaceous glands with abundant proteins and vitamins. This mask can be used under all weather conditions. In addition to this, the mask has been tested for allergic effects and it is found that it is non allergic. The ingredients in the mask are so effective that it makes you feel relaxed almost instantaneously. It is also ideal for all types of skin and is also found to be effective in curing dark circles and rough skin. Before you apply the gel mask, carefully go through the instructions on the box.


I have used it for quite long now. It gives a soft and soothing effect to the skin right after washing it off and leaves you feeling fresh and glowing. But, the glow does not last long or rather I would say it does not live up to its claims of gradually lightening and brightening the skin tone. All I can say is it is a good substitute to any other mask for lazy girls like me because of its convenient tube packaging and the fact that one can take it off in just about 5 minutes. One has to just wash it off unlike peel off masks, which get messier if not used properly. Overall, a good product and worth a try at least once.

Pros of Chambor White Brightening Gel Mask:

  • Sleek packaging, easy to carry while travelling.
  • Comes with a flip top cap, which makes it very convenient to use.
  • Leaves the skin fresh and soft right after use.
  • Has a nice lily smell to it.
  • Quite light unlike most other thick gel masks.

Cons of Chambor White Brightening Gel Mask:

  • Price is a concern for the given amount of product.
  • Does not live of its claim of brightening over a period of time.

My Rating :-  4/5

Overall I feel this is worth it for the cooling effect as well as the fresh feel accompanied with it. Personally I do not support whitening products but since its a brightening product I am pleased 🙂

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