The weekends finally here, I am super excited today being my first day playing Table Tennis and I cant wait for my next practice 🙂 …I had some time to kill on Friday so I decided to visit TBS and check out for new stuffs and new releases, I stumbled upon these colorful foundation sponges. I am not sure why I did not pick them up earlier and no these are not new releases I was just too blind to not see such colorful things at the Colorbar Counter 😛 .If you have read my earlier post of ” How To Apply Liquid foundation” you probably know I already own a BeautyBlender & Foundation Sponges from Basicare. Based on comparison between these I will review the colorbar ones.  Read on .

Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges Review
Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges Review

Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges Review
Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges Review


  • 8 bright sponge squares that effortlessly blend powder, mousse, cream and liquid foundations with smooth, streak-free precision.
  • Sponge texture designed to press and evenly distribute each layer of your makeup, covering all angles of fine lines, pores, and uneven surfaces.
  • The square design allows for maximum usage of corners and angles.
  • Works beautifully with wet or dry product application, and helps to achieve that important step for flawless diffusion.


INR 350 for 8 Sponges , INR 150 for 2 Sponges. (I dont get this logic 😛 ) 

Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges Review

Considering how Colorbar is progressing, I decided to try these sponges without a second thought. For INR 350, we get brightly colored 8 sponges. The sponges come in 3 colors: pink, red and orange.They come nice packaged in a black zip lock bag type , which can be resealed every time you remove one. They are so soft and smooth in texture, I was amazed how soft they really are.The sponge has a soft surface which helps to give smooth finish to the foundation. I have tried applying all kinds of makeup with it and boy it really applies it like a dream. There was absolutely no streaky patches or lines, Just plain simple smooth canvas skin. Square shapes helps in giving better coverage in one stroke, its ends can be used for under eye areas or around the nose, and it mainly helps in reducing the application time.

Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges Review
Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges Review

Colorbar sponges are different in texture than the basicare wedges, the basicare ones were good until I washed them 2-3 times, after which the sponge started shedding. I have washed my colorbar ones twice and I haven’t seen any such problem with them yet. After washing the sponge I kept it on a tissue to dry, and when I observed it after 3-4 hours, the sponge was curved, I thought that I wasted my money and now it will be difficult to apply foundation with this curved sponge, but when I saw it next morning (once it was completely dry), it regained its natural shape.When compared to a BeautyBlender, This works just as well as a BeautyBlender but not well enough to  replace a BeautyBlender.

Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges Review
Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges Review

If you are comfortable in spending 350 bucks for makeup sponges, then it is a must have. They do their work well and help your vanity look colorful and pretty.I think yes, I will buy them again. I love the way they blend the foundation and save my time. I would also like to try the triangular ones from the same range, just to check whether they have similar quality and texture or is it something different.

the good

  • Comes in 3 beautiful colors
  • • Reduces the application time due to large surface area
  • • Gives a smooth application, without creating any lines
  • • Works well with both liquid and cream foundation (I actually sometimes apply my BB creams and sunscreen with this sponge)
  • • Blends the product well

the bad

  • may be pricey compared to the basicare ones.

My Rating :- 

My Rating

I really love these and yes they are a cheaper alternative than a  BeautyBlender. I highly recommend these 🙂

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