Hey guys, its been months since I haven’t been getting my fab bag at the start of each month unlike before.It began coming on the last week of every month which is what frustrated me and I stopped subscribing to them after that.But this month was different as I received my Fag Bag for free for reviewing purpose.
Read on to know my opinion about this month’s bag even though its already mid of the month and you must be aware of the products that have been sent to other bloggers and subscribers alike.For detailed product reviews do comment below.
This month’s theme is “its a spring thing” and I did not find anything in the bag that was related to spring :p.
The bag is a pretty pink bag having some kind of texture pattern on it.It looks and feels pretty strong compared to the previous bags I have received.Anyways moving on to the products I got.

1)Fresh Look One Day Contact Lens(Grey)- Rs 900 for 5 pairs.
This is the product that I loved the most.I really love colored lenses and was glad to get a pair of grey lenses.I got a mail asking me for my choice of color and if I wanted lens in the first place.I confirmed by choosing grey over hazel.
2)Sugar Twist and Shout Fade proof Kajal(01 Black Velvet)-Rs 399 Full Size.
I always missed getting Sugar cosmetics in my Fab Bag because I was not subscribed when it was being offered.So this is my first Sugar product and I haven’t tried it yet. Many other subscribers got Catrice products instead of this.This is the second next product that I loved getting.
3)Natural Bath & Body Whipped Cream(Sample Size)
This cream smells amazingly good.As soon as I opened the bag I could smell something nice.At first I assumed something had leaked but everything was sealed well enough.
Can’t wait to try this out soon.
4)Natural Bath & Body Clay Face Masque-French Red Clay(Sample Size)
As soon as I saw this product I tried it on.This too smells good just like the cream.The clay mask left my skin feeling soft and smooth post wash.
5)O3+ Whitening Mask(Sample Size:-10 ml)
For reasons unknown I hate the whole idea of whitening products and their false.I am not sure if I may try this product on.
6)Votre Face Serum(Full Size- Rs 1178 for 12 ml)
This is the second time I have received this serum and I really love how well it works for my skin type.I am so glad to receive it once again as my previous bottle
was over.
7)Style Fiesta Pendent:- Rs 499
For the first I think Fab Bag has sent me a jewelry piece. I love it as it is simple and elegant at the same time.
And that was all for everything I received in this month’s bag.Loved each and everything apart from the whitening product as I am not much into whitening products.

Disclaimer:- PR Sample sent for review.I did not purchase the product/products being reviewed below.

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