Dear Men,

Thank you for celebrating us on every International Women’s Day. But maybe we don’t want chocolates and roses. Give us equal opportunities and safer roads.

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With another International Women’s Day being celebrated all around, one cannot deny they don’t know of its existence. With tonnes of Facebook posts and tweets doing the rounds and sent to target women, a feminist like me has rolled her eyes all over again. While the internet is filled with hashtags like Girl Power, Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, and blah blah blah… I wonder to myself how words like these are speaking louder than actions with tonnes of people copy-pasting them and sharing it to their heart’s desire. On every 8th of March, I get big paras of WhatsApp forwards telling me I am great, telling me I am a blessing to the society, telling me series of high-end appreciations. For a second I feel like I can conquer the world but then I step out of my home for work. I am stared upon, teased upon, whistled upon, taken a chance on like I am an object of some sort of pleasure to a few men out there who take “Being a Man” as pride in our society.

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Since ages, Men are born with a ‘privilege’  that stems from years of women being oppressed. I might be educated enough to use my blog as a platform to share my opinion but in my very own country, I will have to change my surname once I marry, or perhaps leave my own home to be a part of my husband’s home. Since I’m Indian I am well aware that girls leave their parents to live with their husband’s parents. Like what kind of tradition is that? Arent a girl’s parents old too ? Arent they human and need support that sons parents would need? On every form I fill I am asked my fathers or husbands name. Whatever happened to my mothers’ name? That women carried me 9 months in her womb and went through the most painful process a human can undergo – childbirth. Why isn’t she acknowledged like my father is? These are just a few examples of sexism existing in our society. There many more sexist traditions which would need a whole days time to make a post.

God created men and women equally but man made himself God.

Talking about dowry, I will leave that for some other time else I may just turn aggressively destructive to everything around me including the laptop on which I am typing this post right now. You see that’s how bad the gender equality issues boil me straight up. It pains me to know that something like gender differentiates a human being and its capabilities to achieve great milestones. Young girls being taught to cook, clean, do housework rather learning about Algebra, Geometry. While young boys get to play around and study for their Chemistry exams. Such is the sad reality even today. Currently, I have too much rage in me to write more about the inequalities dominant in my society. Let’s keep it for another day.

I came across a video that touched my heart. Released just in time before Women’s Day by Ariel India, this video focusses on the sad reality of most upbringings of a typical Indian family with both gender children. You can watch the video down below. This post is a part of the #ShareTheLoad movement by Ariel in association with BlogAdda  

The message portrayed in this video hits all the standard laws enforced on the daughters of Mother India. The videos stand up for progressive thinking and inclusion in today’s time. I stand for #ShareTheLoad and the light it throws on gender equality especially when it comes to household chores as simple as doing one’s laundry.

Talking about developments in the gender equality gap, I am glad to see the entertainment biz taking on female leads. Although this is not enough. I was impressed to see another superhero movie with a female superhero. Finally, young girls have a role model, unlike their size zero figured barbie doll. I was privileged to attend a special screening of Captain Marvel hosted by Ariel India in sponsorship with Blogadda.

I don’t know what else would have been a perfect time for the release of this movie and the screening by Ariel India on Women’s Day. I had my dad accompany me to the screening. The experience was wonderful as my dad has always been the supportive kinda dad you see on TV. There were photobooths that focused on the #ShareTheLoad movement. My dad and I clicked pictures posing around like we were meant to do it. Looking at the photobooths I realized that I should actually #ShareThLoad at home. Since I am so focused on my career right now(Thanks to my parents who support me) I barely get time to do household chores. I live in a family where housework is equally divided between my mom, dad, bro and me. I do manage to do my set of chores but its always bare minimally.

While the movie Captain Marvel brought a great sense of pride and a feeling of empowerment, the world still needs to catch up on the real issues related to gender inequality. Being the most powerful superhero amidst others, I wish young girls get inspired,  learn to stand for themselves, fight like a girl, defend like a girl and grow up to be stronger women where the society will need the change and not them. I wish that society understands a women’s place and treats us equally.

I will be ending the post by wishing you all “A Happy Women’s Whatever” as the same crap is repeated every year and forgotten the day after. Maybe someday I will get to say “Happy Women’s Day Everyday” when we have equality in our society.

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PS:- This post is written keeping in mind what a woman in a traditional household would undergo at certain instances. This post in no way reflects my life or my parents or their upbringing. I have really cool parents who have never ever differentiated between my brother and me. More than cooking and cleaning, my parents have taught me to excel in my field of career and achieve great heights. I am what I am because of them. I also have a  loving boyfriend who is supportive of every /any choice I make. His parents are as sweet as him. I am really thankful and blessed to have all these strong pillars in my life.     

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