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Finally the weekend has kicked in and I had a rather busy Friday with so many chores around the house and yes not forgetting how eagerly I anticipated watching the latest season of ‘House of Cards‘. Yes House of Cards is back again with a brand new season.I have already watched the first episode from this season. So in today’s post I decided to review the first episode. House of Cards – Season 5 features Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, Corey Stoll, Sakina Jaffrey among others.
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PS :- Few spoilers for S05E01 of House of Cards Read further at your own risk. 

Ever since I have known about the House of Cards series , I have been binge watching them back to back just to keep me in the loop for another new season from the series. Well its interesting to watch shows like ‘House of Cards’ that cannot not acknowledge Donald Trump after all.
Season 5 of House of Cards brings in a new team of people capable of running the show and a real-life president for Frank Underwood to be compared to. With a short introduction dating back to 2013, the episode begins. So episode 1 from season 5 begins includes Spacey’s  dialogue “I have no patience for useless things“. On the other end we have Claire Underwood who is getting stronger and stronger as the seasons pass. Frank may be the main protagonist of the series but Claire definitely has new things up her sleeve this season. It was Claire who opened the latest season talking straight into the camera. “I’ve been meaning to talk with you,” she says in the very first seconds of this premiere. She was just filming a campaign ad masquerading as a PSA. The thought of a stronger Claire is so intriguing. The show could finally have something different five years in, apart from the sinister stuffs the Underwood’s get into. Claire’s chilling address to the nation and Frank’s interruption of Congress made for a sensational start to the episode. The Underwood’s can be seen trying to maintain their classic approach to people and situations. From elaborate hoaxes to serious policy change to the extrajudicial murder of an American citizen, it’s clear there is no length the Underwoods won’t go to in the name of safety—that is, their own safety.
Since this year is election year, the added drama, the mind games, the tricks played, the plots set up everything will be more visible, we just need to wait and watch the season till the end. Despite the departure of creator Beau Willimon this season, the show promises to be as smart, sinister and evil as ever. What will be more interesting about the season could be how the power couple continue their reign keeping in mind family, relationship and all the minor details that comes from living a life with so much power.  A creepy episode in its own right, then. That’s all I have got to say about the first episode of this season. Hoping my expectation with the show isn’t taken by less surprises.
Five years in and House of Cards never fails to get me engaged entirely into the series. Can’t wait to watch the other episodes.
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