Hi Everyone, Recently in my mailbox arrived a pretty package from the brand Italia. They sent me few of their deluxe eyeliners to try and test out. I was glad to get my hands on them since Eyeliners are the most important part of my daily routine. Considering the fact that they are of different shades got me excited since I just love love colored eyeliners.Read on to know how they fared…
Price:- $7 for set of 12 colors.
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Of the 12 shades available in the range I got 8 of them. The texture of the eye pencils are really soft and smooth. There is absolutely no tugging or pulling on the eyelids. Since I have oily eyelids I tend to buy eyeliners that are waterproof and smudge proof. These eyeliners are neither and can fit as a basic eyeliner into your vanity. Their staying power is relatively less on my eyes(thanks to my oily lids) about 2-3 hours after which it begins to smudge away and fade off giving me terrible panda eyes. The solution to this problem was solved when I began using this as an eyeshadow base and layered it with a powder eyeshadow. It not only made the eyeshadow look vibrant but also made my eye makeup stay. Overall these are decent eyeliners meant for shorter day/night wear.

  1. Amazing shades
  2. Glides on easily
  3. No tugging
  4. Vibrant Colors
  5. Can be used as an eyeshadow


  1. Not good staying power
  2. transfers alot
  3. Not easily available
  4. Melts and breaks easily due to soft texture

Shades from left to right-  1012 Cafe, 1019 Sky Teal,1017 Violet, 1003 Light Brown, 1016 Avocado, 1007 Pearl, 1001 Black.
My Rating:-  2/5

4 thoughts on “Italia Deluxe Ultra Fine Eyeliner Review(8 Shades)”

  1. $7 and less staying power and also melts and breaks easily doesnt seems worth buying,.. Thank you for the review,..

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