Hey Everyone, Winter is here and its here to stay for a couple more months. I have changed my skincare routine for the winter and I wished to share it with you. I have combination dry sensitive skin during summer and during winter my skin gets extremely dry. I see flakes of skin all over my face in the morning. This is the main reason why I decided to switch over to my winter skincare routine. Read on to know more…


  1. Cleansing

I begin my day with a nice gentle cleanser which is hydrating. Since I suffer from dry skin during winters, I tend to go in for hydrating face cleansers. The one I am currently in love with is the one from ZANYA. I picked up this cleanser while at a beauty exhibition. Unlike most cleanser, this one does not foam at all. Rather it feels like we are rubbing a heavy lotion on to the skin. Its also loaded with many essentials oils that leave the skin extremely hydrated post-rinse.

Price;- Rs 460 for 100ml.

Where to Buy:-  Zanya Skincare is available online. You can purchase it here.

2. Toning

The second step and one of the most important steps that I never miss out on is a toner. Being a dry skinned beauty, my face tends to look dry. Also, my skin type is prone to the aging process faster than other skin types. This is the main reason why I have included a hydrating alcohol-free toner. I believe that Witch Hazel is great for toned skin. I currently am using the Witch Hazel toner from THAYERS which is a bestseller worldwide.


Price;-  Rs 1300

Where to Buy:- You can purchase this from Amazon Here.

3. Moisturizing Face

Another important step of my skin care routine is definitely moisturizing. Since I have sensitive skin, I like going for moisturizers that feel light and don’t make my skin look oily. Only recently was I introduced to the PONDS LIGHT DAILY MOISTURISER and I love it.  It stays put on my skin for an entire day.
Price:- Rs 110 for 50 grams.

Where to Buy:-  Almost all shops have it as it is such a generic brand in India. You can buy it HERE for amazing discounts.

4. Body Moisturizing. 

My body too has areas of extremely dry skin and patchy areas of flaky skin. Currently, I am in love with the Johnson & Johnson Milk+Rice body lotion. It not only helps deeply moisturize my arms and legs but also helps it looking fresh. I love how Johnson’s baby products smell. Also since my skin is sensitive, I love going in for products like this.


Price:- Rs 115 for 80 grams

Where to Buy:- You can buy from HERE.

5. Lip Care 

Having dry skin, my lips ain’t any different. My lips are dry and chapped for most of the time.  I prefer using natural non-tinted lip balms in order to reap many benefits from raw ingredients. I love lip balms from Burt Bees but since I have a tough time finding them around India, my current favorite is the one from Jersey Shore Cosmetics which I picked up from the duty-free.  It has helped heal my chapped lips overnight. Also, there are times when I apply it over my elbows and cheekbones for an added hint of moister.

Price:- $10

Where to Buy:- You can buy it HERE.

6. Hand & Nail Care 

I love love love investing in some good smelling hand creams. Most hand creams in the market are enriched with Vitamin E which is good for the nails. Also since they come perfumed, the freshness lingers all day. I am currently in love with Hand Creams from Nykaa and carry it daily with me.

Price;- Rs 250 for 100 ml.

Where to Buy: – You can buy them at Nykaa.com

That was all for my Winter Skin Essentials. Hope you enjoy reading it. Until next time, Bye 🙂

PS:- This is not a sponsored post. 

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