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Welcome back to my blog. Hope everyone doing well. This year I played Holi for the very first time. Although I used organic colors, I took all the precaution I could to save my skin from nasty side effects of the colors. Since I have sensitive skin, I didn’t take a chance with the precautions. Prior to playing Holi, I oiled my entire body with sweet almond oil. I used livon to protect my dry hair. Lastly, I applied a high protection sunscreen on all the exposed parts of my body.

While I didn’t face any trouble due to the precautions taken, I did indulge in some good aftercare. I recently can across a brand that has organic claims so high that it is impossible to skip trying out their range. The brand is none other than Organic Riot.  I came across their Instagram handle and decided to collaborate with them. The Dazzle Serum was sent to me as part of a collaboration with them. Let’s see how it fared.

About the Brand(From Website)

We love beauty, but we’re not just a beauty brand. We’re an honest movement.In our quest for a safer world, we’re working towards empowering everyone with knowledge about skincare – what you can trust and what you shouldn’t.

You can read more about them HERE.

Price:- Rs 1490 for 50 ml. You can buy it HERE. The serum is also available on Nykaa, Flipkart and Amazon.

What it is:- 

A potent serum that targets pigmentation and uneven skin. If dark spots are a concern for you, it could be your new best friend. It is also a generous glow giver which is a great plus point if you ask us. Wear it during the day (it looks great under makeup), and also at night, for best results.


The complete list of ingredients along with a brief description is given on their website. Do check it out HERE.

Directions for use:- 

After cleansing, apply a layer all over your face, focusing on areas with hyper-pigmentation. Gently massage until the product soaks in. For best results, apply day and night. When first opened, press the pump 10-12 times to dispense the product.

My Experience:- 

Packaging(from the website):- 

All products come in recyclable & ultra-safe BPA-free bottles. The pump technology ensures the product inside is not exposed to the air outside. This increases the product’s shelf life and allows it to stay just as effective as the day it was made. When first opened, press the pump 10-12 times to dispense the product. Since outer packaging is made of recycled paper, 850ML of water per box is saved!

Application, Texture, Consistency:- 

The consistency of the Dazzle serum is thick and white in color. Since it is thick and not runny it tends to be a bit on the drier side. It has a very faint fragrance of a mixture of essential oils. Since I can’t figure out the exact smell, I can say it definitely is not overpowering at all. Being on the drier end of serums, it needs to be quickly rubbed into the skin. Also, you will need a grape sized quantity for the entire face.


I have used the Dazzle serum as mentioned on the outer box. I apply it once a day in the morning before I apply my sunscreen. I wished the serum has SPF in it as well, it could have reduced a step for me. On application, the serum dries out really quickly. Since I wear it after cleansing, my otherwise dry skin does not feel dry at all. The Dazzle serum gets absorbed very quickly and does not leave a white cast. It does instantly brightens the skin tone and helps maintain the glow throughout the day. I do get an oily T-zone while using this. I have not yet seen a difference in dark spots. Maybe I need to use it a bit longer to witness a change in pigmentation.


  • Organic serum with nourishing benefits.
  • No harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates etc
  • No animal testing
  • Use of recyclable packaging
  • pH balanced
  • Safe for use by pregnant & lactating women
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • PETA® Approved Cruelty-Free and Vegan
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Faint fragrance
  • Instantly brightens skin tone
  • No white cast


  • A bit drying on the skin
  • No SPF
  • A bit costly( I don’t mind the cost as the product is made keeping in mind a lot of elements apart from beauty)
  • No much effect on dark spots/pigmentation in 4 days. Wil needs to use it for a longer time to comment on this.

My rating:- 4.5/5(-0.5 for the drying part)

Overall I really like this serum due to the fact that it is such an eco-friendly product. Right from the time, it is made to the time it goes on the skin, no harm has been caused to anything. I really wished they release more products like this as the world needs it.

That’s all from my point of view for now. As soon I see more effects from this product I will update here.

PS: The Dazzle serum was sent to me as a part of the collaboration with Organic Riot. In no way, I am being sponsored for this post. All opinions stated in this post are of my own. 



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