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Welcome back to my blog šŸ™‚ Hope everyone is doing well in their own sweet world. I am super excited for the coming month. It’s not only my Birthday month but also my favorite festival is approachingĀ and of course, the New Year will kick in, in no time. Last month I visited the Professional Beauty Exhibition in Mumbai and for the second time in two years, I was left disappointed. I will make a video on it very soon, till then stay tuned. While at the exhibition, I came across this huge counter called Proarte and it was super crowded. They had a BOGO sale along with huge discounts on stuff. If only I had the patience to deal with crowded areas, I would have ended up buying so much more. Anywho I am quite happy with my littleĀ purchase.

Coming back to today’s post I will be talking about my new found eyeliner love. I have already reviewed the Lip Crayons from the Proarte range and I was pretty impressed. Let’s see if the eyeliner lives up toĀ the mark……

Price: – INR 300 for 3 grams( I got them for BOGO)

Ingredients:-Ā  Not MentionedĀ 

Where to Buy:-Ā Since I got it at an exhibition, I am not sure where you can get them around the shops. But they do have their own website. You can check it out here. They also have a sale going on right now.


Not Mentioned

Description(From website) :-Ā 

Not Mentioned.

Packaging:-Ā The product comes in a transparent outer packaging. Sadly at the exhibition, they were without any packaging.

Shades I got:-Ā 

  1. True Turquoise- This shade is a dark blue pearl finish shade. Although it does notĀ do justice to its name, it a pretty daily-wear shade that would look great on most Indian skin tones.
  2. Violet Gem:- This is a pure purple shade. It will suit medium skin tones well. Again, like the turquoise shade, this one has a pearl finish as well.

My Experience:-Ā 

Being my first time trying out cosmetics from Proarte, I was a bit skeptical when I found them so cheap. LittleĀ did I know that these would indeed end up being a part of my daily beauty routine. I have basically paid just 150 Rs each for these. The Gel liners come in a sharpenable pencil form. I know it kinda hurts to sharpen them but 3 grams of eyeliner is a good amount. I have been using them from the past one month on a daily basis because it is so quick to apply. The eyelinersĀ dry off in a couple of seconds and do not budge after that. The staying power is from 7-8 hours without any transfer.

For the price I have paid, these eyeliners are remarkable in terms of their productivity. They are super smooth to glide on the eyelids. TheyĀ have a buttery melt effect on contact with skin. One does not need to apply pressure at all while using these. The result?Ā a single stroke can give you an opaque thick line in seconds.



  • No tugging or pulling on application
  • Smooth Creamy matte formulation
  • Ultra matte yet non-drying
  • No Parabens
  • High pigmentation with high coverage effect
  • Feels weightless on application
  • No feathering
  • No settling in fine lines
  • Does not transfer once set
  • Does not bleed
  • Kind off waterproof
  • Long Lasting


  • Strong fruity fragrance
  • No list of ingredients

My Rating:-Ā 4.5/5

I really love these Gel eyeliners and I can’t wait to try out more from this brand. Also, they have a sale going on at their website which will make this the perfect time to experiment with other shades.

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