Hey Everyone, Today I will be diverting from my usual beauty blogging and talk about a recent find in the world of technology that makes booking hotels and temporary stays easy and convenient for people on a budget as well as for people who would love to splurge. Read on to know more.

What is Stayzilla ?

Stayzilla is a basically a travel related organisation offering comfy “Stays” to customers looking to ease out their travel plans in terms finding hotels, lodges,etc. Read  Here to know more about this successful startup. StayZilla was started under the name Inasra.com but then it was rebranded to StayZilla, to convey the idea of its expanding reach(StayZilla –  stay in every ‘zilla’ (district)) in 2010.  From Kargil to Kanyakumari, Stayzilla offers stay choices in 1100+ tier 1, 2 & 3 cities in India, and has a network of over 18,000+  stay options.

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Their vision includes – (From their website)

Stayzilla was founded with a laser-sharp vision to become India’s largest online marketplace for “Stays”. Going beyond the realm of just hotels, we serve a well-balanced diet comprising of all manner of “Stay” options to our customers including lodges, homestays, guesthouses, etc.

Stayzilla also aims to provide unprecedented reach to travelers by providing stays across the entire length and breadth of the country, including all sorts of options from ultra-low budget rooms to luxury stays. Currently, Stayzilla has more than 30000 options spread across more than 4500 towns.


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So after I discovered this website called Stayzilla.com in order to find out about the hotel prices in and around Mumbai(India). I  have a short trip planned(Will let you guys know more about the trip as and when it is fulfilled 🙂 ) After visiting their site I noticed they have an app on both Android as well IOS platforms. Without much thinking I downloaded the app on my IOS. In this post I will be sharing my personal experience with this app. I have also included screenshots of the app interface from my IPhone.

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage

You could download the app here:- Stayzilla on Google Play | Stayzilla on the App Store

Being an IT Engineer, I definitely understand apps much better in terms of their interface and swiftness in their response with end user interactions.

All About The App.

The main purpose of the app is to make it easy for Hotel Owners, Homestays, Lodges, Guesthouses, Serviced Apartments, Boutique Hotels, Resorts, Boat Houses, Jungle Camps, etc. to promote their property for real-time on Stayzilla.com. As this would also help them increase their business reach and earning potential. As of my experience the app is web-based which pairs your GPS co-ordinates with the content from Stayzilla.com so you will definetely need a data connection to use it. According to your preference you can view all the listings of hotels, properties available for rent & so on. You can see the prices, read reviews and book hotels directly from the app, making it an excellent resource for last-minute planners.

Also I guess on the Android platform , The app is SMS enabled and does not require internet connectivity to facilitate listing of rooms instantly online.( I am not sure of this claim as I do not own Android, but my non-tech friend said it works without internet 😛 )

They also have an on online chat system which can help you get in touch with a Stay Expert instantly in order to clarify any doubts or problems that can arise with your time on the app.

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Why Stayzilla App over others ?

  • Even for remote, less popular cities, StayZilla.com’s collection of hotels is pretty good. few other sites said “No hotels Found” for same city.They offer services for around 4000+ locations with 30000+ listings.
  • Conventional sites like MakeMyTrip, cleartrip etc hardly list budget accommodations. Most of the premium hotels listed are often beyond budget for people who prefer to save money whereas on the other hand Stayzilla list properties with rent as low as Rs 300 or less a day in some places.
  • Some websites like GoIbibo and Yatra did have some budget hotels,but did not have an online chat or a way to find out if it fixed timing or flexible.
  • You can choose your place based on the amenities like swimming pools, veg food etc.
  • You can block a room on Stayzilla by paying just 30% of the rental amount , the rest has to be paid before check-in)
  • All hotel booking sites seem to assume that people are happy with fixed check in & check out timings (12 noon to 12 noon etc) and will be even more happy to pay for another day if they are arriving early or checking out late. Usually I prefer looking up for hotels that allow a 24 hour check-in/check-out format(Count a day from the time I checked-in till next 24 hours). If you have Stayzilla App, you would be able to chat with a Stay Expert and ask for hotels that facilitate this 24 hour format. This can help booking unnecessary additional days.
  • They offer a 0% cancellation fee.
  •  I also noticed that rents listed on Stayzilla is cheaper or at par with other hotel bookings.
  • Lastly they also provide easy credit card payments (on spot payment) compared to bank transfers most hotels insist on &  which normally take 2-3 days as a whole process.

So ultimately I arrive at a conclusion that Stayzilla can make your travel plans and Stays cheaper, convenient , time saving and customisable. So Go Ahead and try their services today 🙂

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