Hey Everyone, Its nearing Christmas time πŸ™‚ Woohoo so excited for the coming days.What could make the holiday season more exciting than receiving the SugarBox December edition so early this month ? Today I came home to a box of sweet little surprises. I am so glad to have subscribed to them because of the cute stuffs I get and love collecting.

What is Sugarbox ?
Sugarbox is a curated box full of exclusive goodies which are hand picked by our team of in-house stylists and epicureans just for you. By subscribing to Sugarbox, you will receive the latest international offerings in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and gourmet products at your doorstep, every month. Not to mention the first bragging rights that come with it!

Price :– Rs 1499 per month.

The Products That I Got are :-

1)Small packet of Nutella.

2)A long chain set

3)Panda home slippers

4)Hooded sweatshirt

5)False Eyelashes

6)Manicure/pedicure toe separators

7)Passport holder

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