Alright so frankly speaking I am not on any kind of diet, neither do I hit the gym. Many people have been questioning me about my drastic weight loss so I decided to satisfy everyone’s curiosity with this blog post. And lastly, I am not going through any sickness/ailments(touch-wood) that have caused my weight loss.

Being a premature baby born to my parents who weighed really less just after birth, I have always had a tiny body frame until I was 17 years of age. All my childhood I had people questioning me/my parents if I was eating right due to my extra skinny stature.Basically, I was just sticks and bones no matter how I much I ate. Of course, I was a well-fed kid but I didn’t look like one. My mom and aunt would try all sorts of measures to make me look healthy but failed. My body characteristics are exactly like my father who apparently is on the skinnier side himself. Most of my features resemble him hence everyone could guess where I was getting my skinny genes from.
By the time I hit 19 years of age, I started experiencing hormonal imbalances due to many factors at that time. This was the time when I drastically put on weight, almost 15 kgs more than my actual weight. I couldn’t care more for everyone in my family was proud of my weight gain and for once I looked good. For a year or so the weight gain didn’t bother me until I started experiencing problems with my cycle. This was the time when I approached a doctor who told me that 2 in every 5 women go through this kind of imbalances once in their life time and that I should not worry. This was when I underwent a complete 3-year homeopathy course to treat the imbalance from the core. During the course, I noticed changes in my weight and started getting back to the weight I was before it all started.By the end of the course, I was declared normal and my cycle was regularized. But that also meant I was losing the weight I gained drastically.
As of now, my weight is 52kgs, a few years back during the hormonal changes I was 67 kgs. Although I am still losing weight going back to the skinny me(where I was 45 kgs), I am doing everything I can to stay at 55 kgs under the care of my nutritionist.
So that’s all for this big reveal ….thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

Before- At 67 kgs….

After – Me at 53 kgs…

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