So the title of this blog post is something different and can be understood by anybody who knows programming or even has 10% knowledge of it.

My Star Wars Addiction Mini Story:- 
A long time ago(10-11 years ago) in the same galaxy as everyone I know belongs to , I was introduced to the now famous space opera franchise “Star Wars” . My geeky elder brother would read way too many books on it and go crazy by borrowing the movies that were based on it. Those were the only days where I would be scolded(by my parents) if I fought for the “T.V time” while my bro watched the then annoying Star Wars bull crap !!(Then Situation:-small house+one living room+one TV=fights over TV) You see at that time my bro was completing his “Engineering” and I had to be considerate and just let him watch the darn galaxy rise and fall saga(sigh !!). But believe me revenge was taken in the best ways I could mange 😛 .
So one fine day he had his semester exams and began watching(for stress relief maybe ..)  the same old saga and something interesting caught my eye and it was none other than Admiral Ackbar. “Damn, It was a trap 😛 !!” I am now addicted and a fan girl of Star Wars. Ever since that day I have been imaging every situation like a Jedi. Wish mind skills worked equally in the real world too.

Just Watch It Once If you haven't :P
Just Watch It Once If you haven’t 😛

OH Yes I copied my brother right from becoming an IT Engineer ,watching Star Wars, Friends, playing Skyrim to becoming a “geeky”hardcore programmer.Someday I wish to build my own gaming console. Already penned down many ideas from my mind onto a mini diary.

On 18th December 2015 Star Wars -A Force Awakens was released in many countries around the globe. Too bad we Indians had to wait till 25th December 2015 to watch the movie in either a half filled theater with genuinely Star Wars addicts like me or a theater filled with kiddies/teens and  maybe their parents(typical English adventure/action movie release scenario in India).
Now that you understand that this post may be for you or maybe not for you ,lets move on with it……….
Recently while browsing through social media and surfing IndiBlogger  I came to know about a really cool launch by HP and it is the Star Wars Special Edition Notebook. And I started to drool about it just by reading its name.The Star Wars Special Edition Notebook 15 is a treat for the eyes and must have for every Star Wars fan “girl” as well as boy.The other day I went to a nearby mall to check its features and looks in more detail and the following is everything I could collect from the store representative after which I came to a conclusion that “the force is definitely strong with this one “. 😛 By force I mean my ‘first impression’ with this notebook .
Features & Design of HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook :- 

  1. The design of the laptop is inspired by Star Wars’ Galactic Empire.
  2. It also has “Galactic Empire” written in Aurebesh on the front edge.
  3. Matte finish vinyl features Darth Vader on top of the laptop panel and a red Galactic Empire logo.
  4. Distressed lid finish(makes the system feel “battleworn” according to HP 😛 )
  5. Touchpad has a heads-up display from Luke Skywalker’s Death Star trench run.
  6. Keyboard has a classy red back lighting enough to highlight its true Sith color.
  7. Unique Command Center for browsing for various unique contents related to Star Wars.

Its not only about the hardware that makes this Notebook different , the in-built software too has been customized based on the Star Wars theme. For example I noticed the standard icon of the recycle bin has been replaced with a Death Star icon. Also the system sounds(beeps and boops) are replaced with sounds of R2-D2 or a lightsaber sound.Not forgetting how the entire system is already pre-loaded with wallpapers,themes, screen savers etc. This is all I know for now based on my “first impression”.Much to learn(about this lappie), I still have.Hope its enough to get a glimpse of this latest launch,compel you to join the “Dark Side” cause choosing the “light side” is too mainstream and #AwakenYourForce
You can also check out a video based on this Notebook if my mini description wasn’t enough or if  the Star Wars thrill with it  got you excited.

Also if you still want to know more about this Notebook click HERE. #AwakenYourForce .
Now that my Star Wars fan side is ignited and awaiting some free time so that I can watch the movie(thinking of going alone to a half filled or less theater to enjoy it to the maximum 😛 ), here are some Galactic inspired things I have in mind and I wish to fulfill them some day and some which I will begin with as and when I get time during this holiday season/upcoming vacations.

  1. I wish to eat my favorite noodles with lit up Lightsabber chopsticks every time.- Some months ago I got a Lightsabber spoon free with my favorite breakfast cereal. I didn’t know such a thing existed. As usual I surfed for something similar online and found these chopsticks. Hopefully someday they will be a part of my collectors item. c50f_star_wars_chop_sabers_grid
  2. Get my pet dog a Star Wars inspired dog tag– Hopefully I find one this time around now that the latest movie is released. Oh Common, it was no secret that my pet is a fan SW too.
    MY BABY BOY :)

    Something like this …
  3. Make ice Popsicles for my family with the Lightsabber ice pop maker- December is a birth month for many of my friends and loved ones. My BFF and me are huge fans of SW and hence I decided to get her these. While at it I am thinking of getting one for myself. The hunt is on !!!
    Help Me Find Thy Popsicle Maker
    Help Me Find Thy Popsicle Maker

    star war packaging v1 dieline
  4. Star Wars Nail Art- Alright so this was bound to be a part of my inspiration area. This blog has been mostly about beauty related stuffs and continues to be so with occasional nail art ideas popping up. Recently I have been suffering from brittle nails which is why I stopped applying nail polish completely.  Someday SW inspired nails will be up.
    Sight for sore eyes -Brittle Nails
    Sight for sore eyes -Brittle Nails
  5. Set up a Star Wars themed bedroom-  This has been on my mind since quite a long time. Throughout my  life I wanted either a Star Trek or a Star Wars themed bedroom. Someday all my girly things will be hiding(stored) beneath a life size closet type model of an A-Wing Fighter or something similar 😛 1426080954-star_wars_bedroom_2
  6. Princess Leia inspired hairstyles for a casual day in office-  I have done Princess Leia buns for college and got weird onlookers as well as well wishers. But you see I don’t really care as I loved it and shows a side of me that is bold enough for a normal day. Now its time to repeat the same for my company’s ‘freaky Friday’ casual day.images
  7. Cosplay participation by  my bff and me as Chewie and Hang Solo :- Hell yeah I can be the ying to my bff’s yang in our upcoming annual fest where I could be Chewbacca and my friend could be Hang Solo or vice versa. 
  8. Attend New Years Eve 2016 party in some really cool Star Wars themed party masks-  Just showing off my true fan colors and my inner crafty person. ff3fe1389db912452aff00b62bf5a1ce
  9. Compel my elder brother to have a Star Wars themed wedding(this will definitely need a separate post to include all my ideas) –  hoping this idea is conceptualized with equal acceptance by everyone involved in the upcoming wedding 😛
  10. Design my own Star Wars fighter vehicle :- Obvious not a gravity defying vehicle but just enough to sweep me away from Mumbai’s ridiculous traffic 🙁
  11. Wear a lightsaber hair wand that is all lit up:-  Onlookers beware !!! star_wars_lightsaber_hair_clip_by_strapple-d3baljo
  12. Lastly another fun thing in my mind would be a cool party themed SW where fans like me could be dressed up in their favorite characters(imagining the time it will take to find all the right accessories & pieces for the costume , Sigh !!) and click loads and loads of selfies 😛

And that was all for my galactic ideas I had in mind.If you have some ideas do share it below 🙂

Now all that is left to be done is get my darn long weekend holiday this week ie 1st,2nd,3rd of january 2016 &&
do(watch the movie)
as many times I want
}while(wallet full);
\\A programmer Joke 😛 

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2 thoughts on “While(Geeky)..Do(Fun Things) /*End Loop*/——–Star Wars HP Fun Side Challenge Edition”

  1. I have never seen Star Wars! I am obsessed with Doctor who though! But I know my uncle LOVES Star Wars! So I want to start watching it, but I have no idea where to start!! Do you know where I should start? xxx

    1. Hi Hannah, omg I am a big fan of Doctor Who as well. For starting Star Wars You should definitely watch IV, V, VI, I, II, and III in that order. Regarding all the changes to the original, you’ll be able to see the line and know when something doesn’t look quite like it came from the late 70’s/early 80’s, so they aren’t that big of a deal (Han shoots first, just know that).
      P.S.: Episodes II and III are bearable, but you should really make sure you have nothing better to do before attempting to wade through the bullshit of Episode I.

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